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Kangaroo Kars is the result of the work, commitment and dedication of three great friends. It is that and much more. We are a company born and raised in Orlando-FL, but with a Brazilian soul.

Kangaroo Kars is a company that wants to change the way you rent cars. Forget bureaucracies, additional fees, unexpected surprises and giant queues at airports. Expect simplicity, joy and availability. All of this uncomplicated and made for you to forget the problems of renting a car and to think only about the benefits and the good moments of the trip that you will enjoy.

Kangaroo Kars distinguishes itself from other companies in the industry because it does not measure efforts to serve the customer with personality, punctuality, courtesy, efficiency and fair prices. Our commitment is to provide the best experience in renting a vehicle. It is precisely for wanting to provide the best experiences that we are the only car rental company with 100% of the fleet with Internet and Wi-Fi integrated into their vehicles. We have a diverse fleet, modern and in line with the need of the most diverse types of customer. With us, you will find the perfect car for your trip. Do you want a sports car? Kangaroo Kars has it. A car for the whole family? Kangaroo Kars has it. An executive sedan on a business trip? Yep, Kangaroo Kars has it. Are you too tired to drive? Kangaroo Kars offers a private chauffeur service for you. All the convenience you expect to make your Florida experiences unforgettable.

Join us and find out how easy it is to rent a car for your trip. Welcome to Kangaroo Kars. You will be amazed.